Have you been compromised?

com·pro·mise - unable to function optimally

Being compromised. What does this mean? I like the above definition: "unable to function optimally." If I am compromised I may not be able to fully defend myself if need be. It implies that some degree of function is still capable but that there is some hindrance. We talked about this in class no too long ago and made a quick list of common compromises:

  • business clothing: your everyday clothes may be a hindrance to you; suits, skirts, dresses are confining and restrictive; a necktie is akin to a noose; high heels are a balance risk; etc.
  • seasonal items: overcoats; parkas, gloves, snow boots all can hinder your abilities of speed and power
  • eyewear: contact lenses can pop out; glasses can fall off or break; either case it creates a compromise of vision
  • alcohol: drinking in excess can severely hinder your timing, coordination, judgment, vision, dexterity; etc.
  • fatigue/stress: mental or physical fatigue can affect your reaction times and endurance levels
  • headphones/MP3 players/phones: one of the most compromising items; headphones put your mind in a tunnel; easily unaware of your surroundings
  • packages/bags/purses: a compromise of your hands and arms

TIP: before going out or going to work; know your compromises ahead of time. Can you minimize them? Can you choose not to use an item (headphones) or substitute it for a different item (flats for high heels). Not every case is going to be ideal but understanding your compromises - your weaknesses - is the sign of a wise person.

"Honey, does this make me look compromised?"