Is Your Heart Into It?



"Kokoro" is a Japanese term that is commonly translated as "heart". And although this is correct, it's not the entire picture. You see if you ask a translation app or use a dictionary, kokoro also comes up for "mind".

How you may ask?

Think of it like may know, in your mind, that you have to do "X", but if your heart isn't into it, then you're just going thru the motions. Kokoro then is - in my opinion - this alignment of your mind and your heart. It's commitment. Or better yet, intent. 110%.

TIP: when the dirt hits the fan, you better have kokoro on your side. Cause guess what? Asocial, violent aggressors sure do. Most aggressors are not trained. But they excel at intent. They are fully committed to your detriment. How can you equal the playing field? Train to inflict injury. Train with the same intent. 110% commitment can keep you alive when you need it most.

What's in your heart?