Self-Defense Classes for Real Estate Agents

Did you know?

  • Real estate professionals are 40% MORE LIKELY TO EXPERIENCE on-the–job crime than the average profession!

  • Most attacks on Real Estate Agents occur during the week (Monday-Thursday) in the AFTERNOON!

  • Many assaults start out as robbery, but end as a violent attack and even murder!

Pittsburgh Combat Club in the news!

The Pittsburgh Combat Club (PCC) has developed REAL Self-Defense for Real Estate Agents. This is a customized self-defense workshop to help Real Estate professionals address the specific self-defense needs of their occupation.

This training is for a group of Agents for a few hours of job-specific education and valuable lifesaving skills.  In short, this workshop is 3-hours of hands-on instruction in THREE KEY AREAS to help you stay safe and stay alive:

  1. REAL Awareness: Agents will learn to recognize & mitigate common, compromising situations like: being followed, walking to your car at night, being stopped on the street, distractions, etc.
  2. REAL Skills: Agents will practice simple, effective, and easy-to-master combative concepts & techniques that are designed to stop an attacker and get away—these will involve natural actions that we will enhance and modify. 
  3. REAL Tactics: Agents will develop specific Real Estate focused safety tactics (processes, tools, & procedures) that can keep them safe when the normal job of helping their prospects turns into the nightmare of fighting for their lives.
I just took my 1st self-defense class ever and it was at the Pittsburgh Combat Club. I am a realtor and safety is so important. David and his crew are so extremely knowledgeable & make the class so informative, yet fun! I am so grateful for finally taking the time to learn some from this group. The next one is coming up in November. I’ll be there!
— Kim Klein Henderson, Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker


Workshops are priced according to the number of students; the more students the more cost savings. 

# of Students               Pricing
     1 - 2........................$199
     3 - 6........................$399
     7 - 10......................$499

No prior training is necessary. These workshops are "hands-on" training that use simple, yet effective and proven techniques to help increase your self-defense skills, awareness, and survival. 

Custom workshops can either be held on-site or hosted by the PCC and are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Please submit the form below or call the Pittsburgh Combat Club at 412-532-9415 for current availability. 

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