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My mission is to help you feel safe, strong and in-control

during the most chaotic two to five minutes of your life. I get to do this by speaking to individuals and groups about safety & awareness but more importantly by training corporate execs, busy professionals, stay-at-home moms and college bound students in self-defense combatives.

It all started with my first taekwondo class in 1984. It was a dream come true. I was going to be a martial artist. I loved everything about it. Little did I realize that this was going to evolve into a life long passion that would stretch to Japan as well as a great journey of self-discovery. I discovered things like:

  • how to use the body’s 18 natural weapons

  • how to keep going when I thought I couldn’t

  • how unaware most people are while they go about their business

  • how flawed a lot of martial arts teachings are when it comes to real world self-defense

  • how to cope with life’s twists & turns when not in a dojo

Moreover I changed and went from being a friendly, naive, uncoordinated and all around not confident boy into a focused, trained, confident - fighter, yes - person, absolutely! And as much as I enjoyed being a student of the combative arts, I discovered that I enjoyed teaching them even more. As a teacher I enjoy seeing my students eyes open in amazement of their growing skills and seeing them progress as I did as they attain the same levels of confidence and focus.

Teaching has been my best friend. My constant companion. It has driven me to be better. To do more. To reach out and help others.

And it has saved me too…

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The biggest test of my life did not happen on the streets. Did not involve fists or knives or sticks. There were no muggers, rapists or thieves. Instead it was an attack that I never saw coming. An attack that happened in my own home and heart. I had to watch Denise, my wife, my high school sweetheart, the love-of-my life, battle and finally succumb to cancer. Honestly, I was not prepared.

The only thing that kept me grounded - that gave me hope - was teaching. When my wife finally passed, I went “all in” on my love of teaching and opened up my doors to the public at large - and thus the Pittsburgh Combat Club became real.

PCC Original Concept Sketch

PCC Original Concept Sketch

The Pittsburgh Combat Club is more than a place where you can practice and learn about yourself and the combative arts. Ask anyone one of my students and they will tell you the PCC is a second family. We are all brothers and sisters, older and younger, experts and novices. And in that dynamic we all help each other grow and learn to become the best version of ourselves possible. Myself included.

In the five short years that we have been open to the public, we have trained and helped countless number of people like yourself learn how to be safe in their daily lives. I have trained business professionals, real estate agents, students, moms/dads & daughters. I try to help them understand not only the physical elements of an attack but also the mental and emotional ones. It’s a lot take in but if you’re willing to give it your all and be guided and supported by me and the rest of our PCC family, I think you will find it to be very rewarding. Over the years we have been connecting with more and more of the public, and we keep spreading our message:


Try it out…

If you’ve made it this far, let’s take the next step by:

Investing in yourself to learn real self-defense - emotionally, mentally, physically.

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