Why take self-defense classes at the PCC?

the self-defense class that you have never experienced before.

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The Pittsburgh Combat Club is not a chain martial arts school nor is it a cardio kickboxing class. We do not train for sport or for exercise. We train so that we can, if called upon, protect ourselves, our family and/or those in need when under personal attack.  In so doing, every effort is given to make training a realistic endeavor.  

The Master of Shugo is “In It, To WIN It” David Holzer, Master of Shugo and owner of the Pittsburgh Combat Club, is into the “Art of Winning”. His martial arts/self-defense classes are geared toward real life threats and situations so you come out on top no matter what. No sports here. No belts here. No BS here. Just plain and simple, in your face, tactics that work!!!”
— Weston Lyon, Author, Speaker, PCC Student



  • Partner Drills: we work with a training partner & do very little solo practice. Our classes tend to be no bigger than 10-person study groups. This gives us the best "hands-on" instruction for learning.
  • Contact: we like to make contact. We are usually hitting each other, a bag, the mitts, a training dummy, a striking target, etc.
  • Energy Work: we teach how to respond to the escalation of tension and to be able to “feel” your opponent’s intent/energy.
  • Environmental Conditions: we train year-round in all climates, weather conditions, terrains, clothing types, etc. - know your environment and how it can help/hinder your abilities to protect yourself.
  • Weapons Focus: we train in practical "tools" so you can learn how to turn anything to your advantage & understand that your best weapon is your mind.
  • Violence: we try to study & understand violence. We want to learn how to use it as a tool and recognize it in the field of use.