Weekly Self-Defense Classes in Pittsburgh


Self-defense combatives is about total training. It specializes in close-quarter, hand-to-hand fighting with and without weapons. We will prepare you for practically anything that you might encounter. We have all of our students learn the basics in all facets of fighting. Once the basics are mastered, we start applying more variables and stress conditions. Operating under stress in a trained and effective manner so as to get you home safe is our goal.

Love it here. Great instructor, great techniques. Won’t find this anywhere else. In fact I moved back to Pittsburgh just to come to these classes again.
— -Samantha Herman, PCC Student

three key training areas:




Bone is our term for hand-to-hand combatives. In this are of training, students learn how to effectively use their natural body weapons as a means to defend themselves. From striking to defending, locking to controlling and throwing to tripping all ranges of an attack are practiced.




Baton is our term for using any stick-like weapon to protect ourselves. Whether it be an actual stick, an umbrella, baseball bat or even a mag-lite, we have you covered. Students will learn basic hitting and defending dynamics when using a stick.




Blade is our term for dealing with edged weapons of which the primary focus is the knife. Dealing with a live blade is one of the most intimidating experiences anyone will face on the street. Knowing how to use a knife and more importantly, how to defend against a knife, are the key elements students will study. Students will also explore machete and axe/tomahawk variations under the blade as well.


Classes are usually small study groups. By keeping classes small and intimate, students are able to learn faster and absorb more information.

The majority of PCC classes last about 90 mins.  These training sessions are loaded with actual instruction and "hands-on" activities/drills so that students can learn the concepts and techniques to the best of their ability. 

We train outside in the elements as much as possible. Sensible clothing and footwear is required based on the season and prevailing weather of each class.

We usually have a range of learning experience in each class with some students been studying for a few years and others a few months. We are all teachers and students together. Learning, teaching, growing as needed. 

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