Private Self-Defense Classes in Pittsburgh


Our private self-defense combatives training is the same as our regular weekly classes except that your training is private. Accepted students will receive 1-to-1 training with me in all three Key Training Areas: bone (hand-to-hand combatives), baton (blunt weapon combatives) and blade (edged weapon combatives).

This is an intense training of 4-hours per month with a high degree of commitment.
You will receive private, individual attention. This program is a 3-month, private lesson package for $319/mo. or save 10% by buying the 3-month package up front. ($861).

For the most part you can divide your 4-hours up anyway you like:

  • four, 1-hour classes,

  • two, 2-hour classes,

  • etc.

Before making this commitment, we want you to try us on for size first. See if you like what we do and if we are a good fit. Try our 3-FREE classes first.

To get started, try our 3-FREE classes.

Just click the button below or call the Pittsburgh Combat Club
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