The Panantukan Flow

Filipino "dirty boxing" is fun on many levels. In my opinion, it's all because of the flow. No matter what is thrown at you, you just pick it up in stride and move on - or through it. LOL.

And it all starts with the basic flow and basic entries off of that flow.

Basic Flow:

J x CJ x J-C
Jab x Counter Jab x Jab-Cross Combo

A: Initiate a Jab (J)
B: Catch jab and throw a Counter Jab (CJ)
A: Catch the counter jab and throw RE-COUNTER with a Jab x Cross combo (J-C)
B: Catch the jab in the combo and parry (outside) the cross

J (catch) x CJ (catch) x J (catch) - C (parry)

This has 4 beats.
*A is getting to practice his/her defense (catch x parry) in the flow.
*B is getting to practice his/her attacking combo (jab x cross) in the flow.

What comes next can be any type of follow up:

  1. boxing/kick-boxing
  2. limb destruction
  3. joint lock
  4. throw/displacement
  5. any combo of the above 4

Drilling is usually done at a "safe distance" but as A and B get more proficient, the distance closes. Also, as proficiency rises, A and B can change leads &/or initiators  for each set or every other set.