Self-Defense Legos

Legos. Those wonderful, creative blocks that allow you to build...anything and everything. I loved legos as a kid and loved them even more when teaching my son about them. But the true beauty of legos is the potential to unlock your creativity. You see you can buy a set that builds a police car. But do you always want to build the police car?  My guess is no. In fact, I am sure you want to take pieces from that set and the robot set and mix and match and make something entirely your own.

Am i right? I'm right. Right? Of course I am right. That IS the beauty of legos - the creative potential.

Guess what, self-defense is no different.

You see as a new student you will learn basic "sets" (kihons) of responses to various self-defense situations and attacks. But all of these sets - just like legos - can be intermixed to make a response that is truly your own. Do you have to follow the prescribed set? No, not really - just as long as the mix that you create makes sense from a tactical point of view. In fact these mixed sets are only limited to your imagination and each mixed set gives us more potential for more sets. Ad infinitum...

So if you have played with legos and liked them, I am sure we can get you building again but with our self-defense legos. Happy creating!