Serrada Eskrima - Short Stick Fighting

GM Angel Cabales.jpg

Angel Cabales

Serrada eskrima is just plain fun! Serrada is translated as "closing-in" and eskrima as "skirmish". This is the the best of short-stick fighting that can be found.

This is the art of Great Grand-master Angel Cabales - an amazing practitioner of the Filipino martial arts.

His short stick matches on the docks of southern California in the early 1900s are legendary.

Although we don't use his system verbatim, we do incorporate the concept and key practice structures to create a firm basis for a very practical system of using a short baton for self-defense.  Since most of us don't walk around with 20" sticks, the baton in real life is akin to a collapsible umbrella, mag-lite flashlight, rolling pin or other small "baton" like object.