Boundaries - Drawing the Line

Where is your line? How far will you allow someone to have access to you? In other words, where are your boundaries???

For active self-defense you need to be alert and aware. You need to have a radar around you that - if breached - gives you the signal to be ready. What is your boundary? Hands on you? Grabbing the wrist? Coming within 2 feet of you?

Everyone will have different boundaries. And those boundaries change in regards of the "who" is breaching them. Obviously I will be more lenient if it's a family member vs. a friend vs. a stranger.

That being said, I was always instructed to have my radar up and be ready even if it's a family member crossing the line. I need to be prepared to act - to warn through verbalization and body movement. And if that is not enough and they attempt to do it again, then through quick, decisive action. Action that doesn't always mean fighting; it could be changing my position so that there is interference between them and me. It could be grabbing a friend that I trust to be by my side. Or it could be just removing myself from that situation by leaving all together (if possible). And yes, fighting back as a last resort.

TIP: as you go through your day, create a 3' radar bubble around yourself and start to notice everyone that breaks that boundary. See for yourself if you are comfortable with this or not and adjust that boundary to your satisfaction.

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