Early Warning System Works

So here is the situation...

It's 8:30 am on a Tuesday morning.
It's overcast, feels like rain.

I get a call as I am getting out of my car to go into a meeting.
I take the call while leaning on the front fender of my car in the parking lot.
During the call I am gazing forward to the shoppes that are in the strip mall in front of me.

I notice a few people and a bench...a thought goes through my mind...maybe I should walk up there and sit on the bench?
I dismiss this as I don't wnat the others around to hear or be bothered by my call. 
I stay at the car.

Then I feel it...an odd feeling of something??
Not alarm, not danger...concern...then I notice him.

Thin, bearded, baseball hat on backwards, messenger bag across his torso, smoking a cigarette, looking at me, walking in my direction. Not just in my general direction...but actually to me. 

Autopilot is engaged.
I stand up, I walk forward doubling his time to me while staying far enought to his right that he can't reach me. I look past him to my objective, the coffee shop where my meeting is to be held. All while ending my call audibly loud enough for him to hear me.
I purposefuly act like he is not there. I continue forward.

I get on the sidewalk enter the coffee shop, I see he is stopped in his tracks. Stunned that I am no longer there. Not sure what to do. He walks around in a circle a bit, does the final drag on his cigarette and moves on.

Event over.
Now, I do not know what he was doing. I do not know if he was just going to ask me for spare change or the time or directions or for a ride. It does not matter. I don't care. It did not feel right. And I didn't want to find out what "his game" was going to be.

My warning system went off. I listened to it and I can now write this.
In either case, I was not going to stay waiting for "X" to happen. I recognized, I acted, I am alive. And I did not have to engage - nobody got hurt.  All good.