The Kihon

For those new to this idea, "Kihon" is a Japanese word that basically means "basic" or "fundamental". So when you have a "kihon set" you have a "basic set".

But what is lost in the translation is that it is more than a set. It's really a building block. 

You see "kihon" are not carved in stone and are not to be followed dogmatically. Instead a kihon is taught with the idea of creative transformation within it. What do I mean? Well most kihon sets number 8 in total for a particular teaching. But #1 of 8 can have eight variations to it and each one if those eight should have eight more variations and so on and so on and so on. It is an endless chain of adaption and evolution.

I know what you are thinking!  Man that's a lot to learn....WRONG, it is not. You learn the basic kihon and then just let your creative juices flow as you learn and grow. Hatsumi-sensei used to say "play" with the kihon. And that is it perfectly. Have fun. Test, re-test and see where YOUR kihon leads you. Yes, it is yours as most kihon will evolve to fit you and your body type, your skill sets, etc. Which will differ from my own and from your fellow students. But we all start at the beginning set. Our fundamental building blocks.

ninpo ik kan...