FB004: Get the Edge!

Are you prepared...

...to do whatever it takes to keep your self and your family safe?
...to cross that line and actually hurt someone (for good reasons) if you have to?

In short, are you prepared to GET THE EDGE on your attacker(s)?
Look if someone attacks you they mean you harm, and they will not stop until they get what they want. Be it your valuables, your body or your life.

If you're in that situation, would you let fear take over and paralyze you?
Or, would you FIGHT BACK and survive the encounter?

Not knowing what to do in this violation of physical space can lead to fear, paralysis and great suffering.

DO NOT let this happen to you (or a loved one)!

Instead, learn how to fight back and defend yourself using all means available to you.

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to strike using the self-defense keychain called a kubotan so that you hit with a surprise impact.

  • How to turn almost any object into a makeshift kubotan so that you can always get the edge on your attacker.

  • How to translate the kubotan into hitting with your fists so if you lose the weapon you don't stop.

  • How to deploy, arm and aim a pepper spray unit so you can be prepared and ready when it occurs in real life.

  • How to use everyday items to your advantage so that you can turn anything into a weapon or a shield.

  • And much more!