FB003: Knock ‘em Down


...being attacked and frozen with fear.
...feeling utterly helpless and not knowing what to do.


Now imagine...

...standing up for yourself and others who feel intimidated.
...having the ability to FIGHT BACK and protect yourself.
...stopping an attacker in their tracks and knocking them down.

This can happen! But you have to learn how to fight back and defend yourself using all means available to you.

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to stop an advancing attacker by learning to perceive and intercept their motion so you stop the attack before it begins.

  • How to easily knock down the attacker using body leverage and surprise as opposed to strength.

  • How to manage common scenarios on the street, in the parking garage, in your car, at your home so that an attacker doesn't get the upper hand.

  • How to call attention to yourself so that you can attract help and scare the attacker away.

  • And much more!