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FB002: Hit Him Hard

What would you do...

... if someone cornered you in a dark ally or in a strange bedroom?
... if someone attacked you in a bar, on a street corner, or in your own home?
Would you let fear take over and paralyze you?
Or, would you FIGHT BACK and survive the encounter?
Not knowing what to do in a precarious situation can lead to fear, remorse, regret, and great suffering.  DO NOT let this happen to you (or a loved one)!
Instead, learn how to fight back and defend yourself against any enemy or threat by learning the “Defensive Basics”.

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to strike effectively, so you can hit with maximum impact.

  • How to block attacks smartly, so you don't damage your own limbs.

  • How to kick & knee safely, so you can keep your balance and maintain the upper hand.

  • How to be more fully aware, so you can avoid becoming an easy target.

  • And much more!