Weekly Self-Defense Classes in Pittsburgh

Want to start training? 

PCC self-defense COMBATIVES classes are usually small study groups.* By keeping classes small and intimate, students are able to learn faster and absorb more information. 

The majority of PCC classes last about 90 mins.  These training sessions are loaded with actual instruction and "hands-on" activities/drills so that students can learn the concepts and techniques to the best of their ability. 

Love it here. Great instructor, great techniques. Won’t find this anywhere else. In fact I moved back to Pittsburgh just to come to these classes again.
— Samantha Herman, PCC Student

We train in the PCC studio as well as outside in the elements. Sensible clothing and footwear is required based on the season and prevailing weather of each class.

We usually have a range of learning experience in each class with some students been studying for a few years and others a few months. We are all teachers and students together. Learning, teaching, growing as needed. 

To get started, please click the button below or call the Pittsburgh Combat Club at 412.532.9415 and claim your 3-FREE classes.

*After your 3-FREE classes, acceptance into a study group requires an application and interview.