Want to study in the comfort of your own home?

PCC private group SELF-DEFENSE parties

Invite a group of your friends/family/neighbors for a few hours of fun, education and valuable lifesaving instruction with one of our Private Group Self-Defense Parties.  These parties are taught in the private, comfortable setting of your home in a very easy-to-learn manner that will make everyone comfortable. Although we can custom plan your party, a typical "Whack & Wine"
night will involve two aspects of training: 

  1. Awareness: One hour of awareness training as you and your guests dine/snack - learn about common situations at the front door, being followed, walking to your car at night, being stopped on the street, distractions, etc.
  2. Skills: Two hours of skill training - learn easy to master, simple yet effective techniques to stop an attacker and get away. These will involve natural actions that you already do that we will enhance and modify.

Make no mistake these are fun parties but they are also a great way to become more aware of threats and how to protect yourself.

self-Defense party PRICING:

Workshops are priced according to the number of students; the more students the more cost savings. 

# of Students               Pricing
     1 - 6........................$399
     7 - 10......................$499

Parties are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. 
Please submit the form below or call the Pittsburgh Combat Club at 412-532-9415 for current availability. 


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