Can't Commit to Weekly Self-Defense Classes?

PCC self-defense 101 workshops

If you are worried about your safety but don't feel you have the time to invest in weekly self-defense classes, then consider a PCC Self-Defense 101 Workshop.  

I live in the Pittsburgh area and have taken many self defense courses in my life. I have always enjoyed them but this was a whole new experience. It is hands on and the education is not based as much around technique as much as training your brain to be ready. Because of this, the education soaks in easier and I know it will be available if I’m ever in the position to need it. Anyone who is looking to feel safer should enroll.
— Sarah Joy McKenzie, Owner-Operator at Hand in Hand Weddings and Events, LLC

Each one of our Self-Defense 101 Workshops is focused on a specific self-defense skill set. Additionally, each workshop also includes awareness training and safety tactics.

No prior training is necessary. These workshops are "hands-on" training that use simple, yet effective and proven techniques to help increase your self-defense skills, awareness, and survival. 

Getting Started:

You can get involved in our workshops by either registering for one or more of our upcoming scheduled events or by choosing a specific workshop of  your own preference: