Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

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Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

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Are you Prepared????

Get ready to learn how to hit, bash, slice and cut your way through a horde of zombie attackers. Or even live ones...

What you’ll learn in this 5-hour workshop:

  • Hitting: How to effectively use your hands, elbows and knees to hit your attackers and completely stun them into submission.
  • Bashing: How to use a blunt instrument such as a baseball bat, axe handle, &/or baton to bash an attacker's limbs and cause structural damage so that they can't pursue you.
  • Slicing: How to use basic knife techniques for slicing and thrusting when your back's up against the wall and there's no other way out.
  • Cutting: How to use a machete for the coup de grâce so that the dead walk no more.

  • Learn what cities are best suited for surviving a Zombie apocalypse.

  • Understand the what kind of structure keeps zombies out best.

  • Develop your Zombie Apocalypse survival kit and plan so you can survive.

  • And much more!



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