David Holzer, Owner /Instructor

About David...

David has been training in the combative arts steadily for about the past thirty-one years. After beginning in the 1980s and earning a Black-belt in Taekwondo, he went on to study privately with Mr. Mathew Amend who was a very gifted practitioner in the martial arts. Mr. Amend’s curriculum was a very basic blend of some core arts: Karate, Taijutsu, Wing Chun and Kobudo. His curriculum represents the base of David's training.  


David L. Holzer

In 1993 David left the United States to live and work in Japan. While living there, he was able to train in Aikikai Aikido and intensely research areas of his own desire. He returned to the U.S. in 1996 and began to informally teach the Amend system that he had learned previously.  At the same time, he still wanted to diversify his own training and started attending various martial art seminars regularly. These seminars were mainly about the Malaysian, Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. To further his quest for martial knowledge in this area, David established a training relationship with Mr. Don Garon’s Pennsylvania Karate Academy in the late 1990s.

During 2002, David finally started regularly teaching a small handful of students at his own private martial arts club that he named the Pittsburgh Combat Club. The PCC featured David's own systematized blend of martial training. David's focus all along has been about an all-reality, all-of-the-time system of self-defense. His objective is to truly teach others how to effectively protect themselves when confronted by an attacker.

After losing his wife to cancer, the one constant that eased his grief was training and teaching. As a result, David decided to bring the PCC out into the public's eye with his current focus on weekly self-defense classes, self-defense workshops and private group seminars. This is his passion. He lives and breathes learning about the combat arts. But maybe more importantly he truly is a teacher. His commitment to hands-on, transferable learning is second to none.

- Weston Lyon, Friend & Student of 14 Years