Self-Defense Class Boot Camp

Do you want to learn everything (and then some) from our quarterly self-defense workshops but don't want to take a year to do it?

Check out our amazing boot camp taught weekly in 3-hour classes over 5-weeks.  we will take you from an absolute beginner / novice to a confident self-defense tactician.

Core Self-Defense

Our 5-week boot camp is a weekly 3-hour class that combines all of our "Mastering the Basics" workshops into one program with added benefits (see below) and a deeper training level.  We are talking 15+ hours of training on real-world violent encounters and Pennsylvania force law interpretations.  

The intensity and commitment of this course is so high that we are only take 2-6 students at a time so that we can maintain our high quality of instruction.

Fantastic! Incredible! Empowering!
The Pittsburgh Combat Club is everything it should be. Professional instruction, patient instructors, clear and concise information. The information David shares throughout training will help me to evaluate situations and avoid potential harm.I feel confident that I can defend myself in dangerous situations after training with David Holzer. I would give 10 stars if that was an option.
— Diana Fletcher, Author, Life Coach,Speaker


Once you decide you want to do a boot camp, contact me to book your slot (see below) of five weekly boot camp training dates. Each class is a 3-hour session that typically goes from 9AM to 12PM on a Saturday or Sunday - unless otherwise indicated. Just as our other workshops, tuition is nonrefundable but there is no expiration. If you must cancel and re-schedule, you may do so, at no additional cost.  Should you have to re-schedule a second time or more, the cost for each reschedule is $150.


Training is almost always done with a partner with a max of six students in any given camp. Practice is very safe, controlled and methodical. Your learning and absorption is our goal. David, the owner of the PCC, along with a few of his long-term students will be in attendance to help you work on the drills and make them a part of your natural reactions.


No level of prior training is necessary. In fact, not having any previous knowledge is at times better since you won't have any preconceived ideas or bad habits. Since our instruction is about real self-defense with lethal force implications, our students must be 18 years or older.


Have a friend or family member who wants to attend as well? No problem. Bring a training partner and get our special "Partner Training" rates (25% discount). At this special rate, classes will fill in rapidly so be sure to reserve your spot and your partner's ASAP. Remember we are limiting class size to only six students.

What you will learn:

This boot camp is 5-weekly classes of 3-hour intense training. That's 15+ hours when all said and done. Each week of the camp will have a training focus while also building upon the previous week's lessons. Additionally, each workshop also includes awareness training and safety tactics.

Here's what you can expect...

Week 1:
escaping from holds & chokes

  • How to strike at close range so you can have maximum damage.

  • How to escape from typical holds and grabs so that you can turn the tables.

  • How to read your environment so as to use what's around you to your advantage.

  • How to stay alert so that you have an escape route at all times.

  • And much more.. .

Week 2:
striking & defense

  • How to strike effectively, so you can hit with impact - "stun & run".

  • How to block attacks smartly, so you don't damage your own limbs.

  • How to kick safely, so you can keep your balance and maintain the upper hand.

  • How to be more fully aware, so you can avoid becoming an easy target.

  • And much more...

Week 3:  
knockouts, takedowns & throws

  • How to stop an advancing attacker by learning to perceive and intercept their motion so you stop the attack before it begins.

  • How to easily knock down the attacker using body leverage and surprise as opposed to strength.

  • How to manage common scenarios on the street, in the parking garage, in your car, at your home so that an attacker doesn't get the upper hand.

  • How to call attention to yourself so that you can attract help and scare the attacker away.

  • And much more...

Week 4:
self-defense weapons

  • How to strike using the self-defense key-chain called a kubotan so that you hit with a surprise impact.

  • How to turn almost any object into a makeshift kubotan so that you can always get the edge on your attacker.

  • How to translate the kubotan into hitting with your fists so if you lose the weapon you don't stop.

  • How to deploy, arm and aim a pepper spray unit so you can be prepared and ready when it occurs in real life.

  • How to use everyday items to your advantage so that you can turn anything into a weapon or a shield.

  • And much more...

Week 5:
weapons defense & scenario training

  • How to handle a gun pointed at you so that you come out on top and don't start "gun wrestling".

  • How to shield against a knife attack so that you can buy some time.

  • How to defend yourself in an elevator so that you don't become a trapped, helpless victim.

  • How to approach your car safely so that no one can surprise you.

  • How to survive a multiple attacker confrontation.

  • And much more...

YES, Sign me up! I want to come out of this boot camp with the core abilities needed to defeat a would be attacker intent on causing me or my family harm.

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CORE Self-Defense Boot Camp



CORE Self-Defense Boot Camp


with 25% Discount - $628.00


To book a "CORE Self-Defense Boot Camp." please submit the form below or call the Pittsburgh Combat Club at 412-532-9415 for current availability.

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